Teaching Kindness to Children

We have seen how kids eagerly share their things and help others when they are young. It is truly a sight to watch how they engage in small acts of kindness and steal our hearts with their cute little smiles. But do you not see how their vessel of kindness drains out easily as they grow up? In this world where everyone runs behind their needs and wishes, let us teach children how to be kind to others. 

It takes some effort to show kindness, and we must nurture this value in kids at a young age itself. The best way to talk about kindness is by having healthy discussions about how they feel about certain things, people and situations. But as children mostly identify themselves through stories, narrating a story for kids about kindness will be beneficial. Telling the story of the lion and the mouse can be a great start to teaching kindness to children. We will explore ways to instil the value of kindness in children and see how this story will inspire them to engage in acts of kindness.

Ways to Teach Kindness to Kids

Kids mostly learn by looking at their parents. They simply copy what the elders do, and we cannot blame them if they do not practise something we don’t. Likewise, let us show how to be kind to others so that children will assimilate their feelings into them as well. Suppose we see an elderly couple trying to cross the road. We can either help them cross the road by walking with them, or slow the car if we are driving so that they can pass easily. Children will also be influenced by what we do, and they will try to imitate us by helping others. In this way, we can pass on to them the virtue of kindness. Below are some other ways in which we can teach kindness to children.

  • Encourage kids to send kind thoughts to their near and dear ones. Sending a get well soon card or a good luck card will cheer people up. We can also ask children to wish for a safe journey if any of their friends or family are travelling. 
  • A smile is the greatest companion of kindness. So, ask children to always wear a smile on their faces as it naturally makes other people smile. 
  • Let us say positive words to kids and compliment them. They will take after us and spread positivity and kindness around by saying good things to others.
  • Inspire children to practise random acts of kindness. Whether it be for their friends, teachers or parents, these acts will make everyone’s day more beautiful.
  • Narrate a few stories that centre around the theme of kindness to children, as stories are an effective way to instil values. 

Learning Kindness through Stories

Kids simply love stories. Along with coming face-to-face with diverse characters, stories transport them to a different world that ultimately shapes their personality and behaviour. Ever since they were young, they have been listening to fascinating stories of talking animals, fairies, kings, queens etc., from their parents and grandparents. These stories teach children one lesson or the other in a fun and engaging way. As kindness is a great value that they must develop, the story of the lion and the mouse can be useful. 

Just like how the mouse helped the lion in return for sparing his life, we must teach children to help others in need. In the story, we can see that the lion, which is considered to be the fiercest and wildest animal, showed mercy to the mouse even though his sleep was disturbed and he became angry. And when the lion was in danger, it was the same mouse that ran to his help. The ant and the dove is another story for kids that will encourage children to pursue acts of kindness.

Through such stories, we can make children understand that every act of kindness will be rewarded in one way or another. Moreover, showing kindness is never a waste of time, as we will naturally feel happy and satisfied seeing the happiness of others after we support and help them. Let us make storytelling a part of kids’ development, as it will teach and entertain them. With a plethora of stories available for children, we can identify their interests and experiment with diverse stories. Let us also ensure to guide them in the right direction with the help of kids’ learning resources from BYJU’S. 

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